Friday, February 5, 2010

30 to 30: T-9

Imagine Christmas Viewing Party

Zoe and I went to the Imagine: Christmas viewing party tonight. It's funny because I saw most of the show just like it was in the video since I was watching the video feed backstage. Of course, tonight had the advantage of not having a headset on my head with voices in my ears and getting to see the parts where I was moving set or doing various other things. Oh, the other difference was that it was shown on the HUGE screen at the Stewart's Creek Campus. (My church has two campuses: FBC: Smyrna and Stewart's Creek. The production was held at the Smyrna campus. The campus I attend and where the viewing party was held is SCC.)

Zoe did pretty well for me tonight. She was hungry the whole time which is typical Zoe. (Notice that she's carrying a cup in the photo. It has fruit in it.) She said her favorite part of the show was seeing baby Jesus which is the same thing she said when she saw it live.

Imagine Christmas Viewing Party

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