Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Castle Progression: The Beginning

The kindergartners at my daughter's school have a Fairy Tale Ball on Valentine's Day. Last year they had a cardboard castle to use for photo ops, but it has since disappeared from the school. I volunteered  to help create a new backdrop. I am very excited about our progress so far.

I sketched a castle:

Katie's first Castle Sketch

Then Zoe decided to sketch a castle, too:

Zoe's Castle Sketch

I sent both of them to my sister Lacey who, along with being a children's clothing designer, is also a graphic designer. She took inspiration from both my drawing and Zoe's and came up with this:

I was going to try to use a projector to project this image onto our huge piece of cardboard (6.5 ft tall by almost 11 ft wide), but unfortunately we could not get the projector to work. I ended up freehand sketching the castle and improvising the background:

Castle pencil drawing

Now one of the moms in the class and I have started painting it:

Castle: day 1 of painting

I'll share more as we make progress on it.

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