Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Challenge from SRP

Sara, a friend of mine from high school and a really great photographer, posted this challenge on her Sara Rose Photography blog:

So, my request to all for today is to get your camera out and take pictures of your kiddos just being kiddos. Don't pose them...just get them at their {happiest} moment...whether it's while eating frosted flakes in the morning, or while watching yo gabba gabba...or when your husband is sitting back reading them a bed time story.  These are the moments we love to see but hardly ever {capture} so we may cherish forever. So, just {DO IT}.  Regardless of how busy you are.  Then PRINT the photo.  Put it in a frame for your desk at work or put it on your fridge if you stay home.  So, when that moment comes and you feel overwhelmed LOOK at that photograph and I promise a big SMILE will come across your face. 

I haven't had a chance to print anything yet, but I took some pictures this afternoon. Here they are:

I wish I wouldn't have had  the shadow on this one. Maybe I can fix it once I get Photoshop loaded onto my computer.


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