Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to the Old Stomping Grounds

Photoblogging about our trip to Knoxville should be easy, right? Taking photos was easy. Sorting through the photos and blogging about them is harder. I lived in Knoxville for four years while I was in school. I have so many memories about places there that it's hard to know what to say about going back to the area.

We headed to Knoxville on Thursday and went to my friend Jess's house. On the way, we made a little detour through the apartment complex that was Joel's and my first place together. It was married student housing at the time, but it's been sold to another company now. I didn't take pictures.

Actually, I didn't take pictures at all on Thursday. I just enjoyed my time visiting Jess and her family and then going to see a play. Jess and her husband are completely remodeling their house. I'm amazed at what they've done so far and what they have planned!

On Friday we went and explored the University of Tennessee campus. 

Clarence Brown Theatre and Fountain Lab Theatre
How many hours did I spend in the CBT and the Lab Theatre while I was in college? I also spent a bunch of time behind the theatre building playing frisbee with all the ACT folks.

The Slug Sculpture Joel and little Joel
The pedestrian plaza that runs past the theatres, the Humanities building, and the library has completely changed since I walked that way everyday. It used to just be a blocked-off road. Every time I think of walking down that street, I think of my second semester when I had mono and had to have Joel walk me to class. The doctor had told me that I could keep going to class, but I could barely walk there. Joel supported me as I struggled to walk to and from classes. He's still my support-system today.

What is that? Centaur Skeleton
The centaur is still exhibited in the Hodges Library.

Honors Program Swing! 
The kids and I went and visited the Honors Lounge while Joel went and moved the car. Mary Ann Bright still works in the office and I talked with her for a few minutes. Brainfog struck while I talked to her. I told her I graduated in 1998 which is true except that I graduated from high school in '98, not college. Sometimes I miss being able to think clearly.

Spam Can and Sculpture DSC_0026
We walked over the UC to meet Joel. On the way we passed the Spam Can and the sculpture in front of it. The inside of the UC looks very much the same as it did when I was there. 

We walked up the Hill and met Jess and her girls at Ayres Hall which is currently being renovated so we could not go inside. If I would have stayed a math major like I originally intended, I would have spent most of my time in Ayres. Instead, I changed my major to College Scholars: Literature and Theatre in Education.

Bathroom Window View Knoxville Cityscape
We went and visited Dougherty which is one of the engineering buildings since Joel and Jess spent a good deal of time there while in school. (We skipped Ferris and Bueller, two of the other buildings on the Hill.) While there, Zoe had to go to the bathroom so I, of course, took photos out the window.

College of Education
On our way back to Circle Park, we passed the College of Education. My final semester was filled with education courses. If we had stayed in Knoxville for another year, I would have spent even more time in that building working on my master's and doing my internship.

Joel and Zoe
Our final stop on campus was at the good ol' Torchbearer.

Help me, Mom! Smiles and Stripes Look at Our Leaves! Sculpture Garden 
After the campus visit and lunch, we went over to the Knoxville Museum of Art. The kids loved the sculpture garden. When we went inside, I stayed with Zoe who asked really good questions while looking at the artwork. I want to take her to the Frist while the Chihuly exhibit is there. Coincidentally, I saw a Chihuly exhibit the last time I went to the KMA.

Sunsphere from KMA Sculpture Garden

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