Thursday, August 26, 2010

The long and winding road...

I have had a CRAZY day.

The kids I and I were  ready to leave early this morning. Got loaded into the car and realized that it was DEAD. I had left lights on inside the car so the battery had died. Yay. Called my dad who came to take Zoe to school.

We went inside to wait and I called Joel to apprise him of the situation. Got his voicemail so I left him a message. Right as I finished the message Joel called and asked, "Can you come pick me up? My car died."

That's right. His car died at almost the same time as I discovered mine was dead. Except, he was in the center lane of the interstate when his died. Amazingly, he made it to the side of the road without getting hit.

So Joel calls a tow truck, and my dad arrives so we can take Zo to school.

We head back to the apartment complex and are able to jump start my car with no problems. Joel is still stuck on the side of the road, the other side from where he started since TDOT has helped him push it to the right side of the road. Unfortunately, Joel has also discovered that he cannot find his wallet.

I go into the apartment and look for his wallet. Cannot find it anywhere. Call him back and ask him where else it may be. GO in and look some more. Finally he realizes that he DOES have the wallet.

I head to get coffee and then to go pick Joel up at the Automotive place since the tow truck should've been picking him up very soon.

I get there and let Joel know. However the tow truck is still not there. Turns out the receptionist had sent the truck driver to the wrong place and the driver had left his cell phone at the shop. SO I head to get Joel from the side of the road. The tow truck arrives moments before I do.

We head to Zoe's school to drop off a car seat because her TA has agreed to bring her home. (The TA lives in our apartment complex.) That way Joel can take my car for work tonight. He's already missed his morning school stuff.

Fast forward to half an hour before Joel needs to head to work. The shop calls to tell us that a grounding wire had come loose, wrapped around the fuel injection system which shorted it out, but it's all fixed now.

SO, amazingly, after starting the day with two dead cars, we now have two working cars. Praise God!


  1. Don't you just hate days like that?!?!?

  2. I'm honestly just really thankful that it didn't end up worse than it was. It easily could have been. However, I am glad all the drama is over for now.