Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to Balls

Stolen Moments Wrap WIP
I thought I had done a decent job picking up stitches this morning.

Holey Moments
However, I soon discovered that I had dropped a stitch which had formed into a hole in the wrap. I contemplated trying to backtrack and pick up the stitch but decided against it. I was pretty sure that it would end up looking messy.

Back to Balls
So, my dear Blab Rats, we are back to balls of yarn.

I guess "Stolen Moments" is an apt name for this project. Oh well. Try number two will look even more fabulous.


  1. :( At least you have the patience to pick it back up again. If I mess up a knitting pattern I tend to just start the project over because I am just that bad at picking stiches back up.

  2. I would just take a little piece of yarn and tie the hole back together--problem solved! :)

  3. I enjoyed seeing this -- I saw the huge wooden needles demonstrated at Stitches Midwest and Stitches East -- what a hoot!

    Pity that it is as easy to drop a stitch with monster needles as it is with others . . . but at least the empty spot is easier to see.

    I all-too-frequently notice dropped stitches MANY rows after I make them. They wait and pop out as if to say BOO!

    More like boo-hoo.

    Keep up the good work,