Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Big Reveal!

I just got home from the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition viewing party. It was fun watching the show with a group of people who were all as excited as I was.

I took Zoe with me. Not long after we got there, she met a little girl named Ani. They were best buddies the entire evening. Ani sat with us most of the evening. We scavenged my purse for crayons and bits of paper for the girls to draw on. Oh, I also found a couple of pairs of scissors that they used to cut up paper. (There are some advantages to having a cluttered purse.) It was fun to see Zoe interact so well with a child her age. That's a big improvement from before she started Pre-K!

I did not spot me during the show, but I really didn't expect that I would. I did miss parts of the show due to having two little girls to entertain, and I'll probably watch it again on Hulu to see it uninterrupted. I did, however, see the the pieces on which I worked. What were they? Drumroll, please....


I worked on the Lighthouse and some of the other pieces in Ty's Secret Room aka the Indoor Play Area! (Actually the mastermind behind the room was Dana Leigh Langford who was a great team leader!)

We got to tour the building after viewing. Zoe and Ani had a blast trying out all the things in the classrooms and play area. I loved seeing all the pieces that I'd seen being made in Art World finished and put in their classrooms. I also found out that my friend Rebekkah who teaches there will be in the Barn/Farm Animal room. I remember watching the cow and pig being built. I also saw the hamster maze being put together.

The whole Extreme Makeover experience has been amazing. I would do another build like this again in a heartbeat.

I just found this video on Zoe and I are very, very briefly in it. Can you spot us? Even better is that you can see some footage of the school. Look for the Lighthouse!

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