Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 10: Kids' Room

After a not-so-productive beginning of the week, Wednesday was much better! Zoe and I worked a bit on the dining room. Then she and Joel left to go to his parents' house for the evening. After Thomas fell asleep in my arms way earlier than his normal bedtime, I put him in the chair in the living room and went and worked in the kids' room. I got two big things accomplished in there.

First of all I cleared off the train table. It had become a dump for books, papers, and art supplies. I put all of that stuff in its proper place.Now the kids can play on the train table again! Now I just need to dig the train tracks out of the toy bins.

The second thing I did was to put the toy bins in the closet. The bins had been sitting out in the room and just looked trashy there. Now they are stacked neatly in the closet where they should be. The kids will only be allowed to take one out of the closet at a time. It should make clean-up time much easier!

The other thing I worked on yesterday was Bible reading. This, of course, is not really cleaning related, but it's another area where I've been procrastinating. Our church started what I'm going to call a BRAL-Bible Read Along. We're reading the Bible in a year as a community using YouVersion's Chronological plan. I caught up 11 days from Tuesday night through Wednesday, and I'm still 11 days behind.

Right now I'm reading Genesis. It is such a soap opera. Honestly, the people in Genesis had crazy lives. Just from what I read this week, here are some of the stranger things that happened:

  • Abram/Abraham takes his wife Sarai/Sarah into a foreign land and tells her that she should tell everyone that she is his sister instead of his wife. (Technically she is his half-sister.) He's afraid that he will be killed because she's so beautiful. She is eventually released because the Lord lets the leader of the land know that bad things are happening in the land because he has Sarai/Sarah. What's crazier is that this happens not once, but twice! AND the same thing happens with Isaac and Rebekah.
  • Lot has two visitors who come to his house. It turns out they are angels. The men of the surrounding cities of Sodom and Gomorrah come to his door demanding that Lot let them have sex with the men  in his house. Lot tells them that he won't let them, but he'll give them his two virgin daughters instead. After the men outside decline his offer, the angels pull Lot back inside and strike the men outside with blindness.
  • After escaping Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters are living in the middle of nowhere. The daughters are unhappy because they have no one around to get them pregnant. Then they think, "Oh wait! We do have a man with us!" They get their father drunk and sleep with him. Both of them get pregnant.
The Bible cannot be accused of being boring. Yes, I know there are some boring parts, but it is mostly filled with stories of interesting people, many of whom do things that Christians today would claim would disqualify them from being used by God.

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  1. Genesis certainly is a wild read. I would never accuse the Bible of being boring! Except for the miles long list of who beget who, lol. I'm not a Christian, but I do enjoy the reading.