Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 5: Living Room

The biggest monster to tackle in my living room is the huge pile of laundry that has taken residence on my couch. It's clean but mostly unfolded and definitely not put away. I spent a couple of hours attacking the gigantic beast and feel like I made no progress.

This makes me think two things:

1. I need to stop slacking on the folding. We can't find clothes that match because they are piled on the couch, and that is my fault.

2. We own too many clothes if it takes this long to fold the laundry. Ridiculous. I already purged a large chunk of kids clothing a couple of weeks ago. I need to purge more.

Does anyone else struggle with the laundry beast?


  1. I HATE laundry! I have a huge pile on my couch right now and more in the dryer. I'm ignoring it and praying the folding fairy comes.

  2. Oh goodness, yes! And comparatively, we do not have that much clothing so I have to do it all once every 7-9 days or we run out of clothing. It's SICK how much laundry has to be done and then get folded. Of course, that's my least favorite part.

    Hands down, the person with the most laundry is Chris, since he has uniforms, which probably triples what his wardrobe would otherwise be.

    This post is quite timely since I'm in the middle of forced laundry catch up myself. Yay for pre-schoolers wetting the bed?!

  3. Used to be that since baby was lseeping in a bassinet in our room, all of our laundry was in his room in various states of folded. Now that he's in his own room, his laundry is piled in a basket to the point that tomorrow he will probably be wearing Halloween socks because that's the only matching pair that got found in my half-hearted folding attempt earlier today...

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one struggling with the laundry monster. I'm pretty good at washing stuff, but the folding drives me nuts. I've recently implemented a schedule for laundry, but I'm still catching up on the folding from previous loads.