Monday, November 8, 2010

November 6: Bathroom

Yesterday I just posted about the giveaway I'm doing so today I'm going to catch-up on my cleaning posts. I know, I know. You can hardly contain your excitement over this scintillating topic.

Saturday morning we set aside about an hour for cleaning the house. Since it was bathroom day, I scrubbed down both bathroom: sinks, counters, mirrors, toilets, and tubs. Well, I actually only cleaned one of the sinks and counters. Zoe did the other ones. That is one of her chores. I gave her one of the rags I made to be her special bathroom cleaning rag. (She also has the first rag I made which she swiped to use as a doll blanket.)

Zoe's other chores are to make her bed, pick up her toys, pick up her art supplies (Believe me, this is a necessity on a daily basis!), and put her dirty clothes in the hamper. She is 5-years old so she has 5 chores. She can also earn up to 5 quarters a week for completing her chores and having good behavior. We have a sticker chart for her to show her progress.

Back to Saturday...After we finished our cleaning, we headed to Cool Aunt Lacey's house to do crafts. Lacey had canvases and paints, feathers, scraps of material (leftover from her LaLoo projects) and all kinds of other fun crafting stuff. The other thing the kids love about going to Cool Aunt Lacey's house is that she and Uncle DL (aka Lala) have a bunch of fish tanks in their house. Zoe got to feed all of the fish. Thomas loved to find the little shark in one of the tanks. He kept saying, "Shark bite me!"

We stayed at their house until after dinner and then headed home. The kids fell asleep on the way home which was good because I don't drive that well at night, and I needed to be able to concentrate on the road. (It's about an hour's drive between Lacey's house and our place.) It was a good day overall.

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