Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Wooden Robot and Paper Snowflakes

Funky Robot Star

O Christmas Tree


  1. I love the robot on your tree. Did you make it or buy it somewhere?

  2. I bought it at Hobby Lobby when I was making wands for Zoe's birthday party. I mostly bought flowers and butterflies, but I got the robot and a couple of other boy cut-outs for any boys or not-so-girly girls at the party. Thomas got the robot wand, but he pulled the robot off of its stick.

  3. I love it! I was thinking how it's great that there's another tree with something vaguely nerdy on it. Ours is covered with Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments. When you first turn it on, they all start talking/making noise. The last thing you hear when they all "run out" is Darth Vader breathing. I'm thinking a robot might be a good addition. :)

  4. A robot would definitely make a good addition!

    Maybe I should make my tree even more nerdy by making math-related ornaments.