Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Backwards Day

Backwards Day Backwards Day

This week is Spirit week at Z's school, and today was Backwards Day. Zoe wore her dress  backwards, her shoes on the wrong feet, and her hair backwards. Yes, her hair was done backwards this morning. Instead of pulling it into a half ponytail on the top and then the rest of the way at the nape of the neck, I pulled the half pony from the bottom part of her hair and then pulled the rest to the top.

Zoe also had a backwards day as far as behavior was concerned. She lost two fish from her fish bowl.
(The kids each have three paper fish in paper fishbowls. When they get into trouble, they lose fish which are put into the teacher's extra large fishbowl. ) This is the first time she's ever lost more than one. She lost one fish for not paying attention during a group listening exercise. She was drawing what she wanted to draw instead of what they were supposed to be drawing. When the teacher asked her why, Zoe told her that one of the other girls in the class had "compelled" her to do it. She lost the second fish for playing in the bathroom and then lying to her teacher about it. (The other teacher had observed what Z. was doing so lying was not the brightest thing to do.)

I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day for Zoe. It's Wacky-Tacky Day so she's excited about that. Last year she won the class prize for best outfit for Wacky-Tacky Day. Hopefully she will keep the wacky-tackiness to her clothing/hairdo and not extend it into her behavior.

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