Sunday, May 6, 2012

39 weeks

39 weeks

First of all, thank you to everyone who has submitted guesses! If you haven't already submitted a guess of when Baby Girl's birthday will be and what her birth weight and length will be, you can still do it!

Yes, I'm still pregnant. One more week until the estimated due date, but I'm really hoping she will arrive sometime this week. The 8th would be fantastic! Zoe and Thomas were both born on the 8th of their birth months. It would be fun to continue that. I also would love for her to be born this week since Joel finishes his exams this week and then has off from school-related stuff until June.

Realistically I know that Baby Girl will most likely be born after the 40-week mark. The other two were, and I'm mentally prepared for that. If nothing else, I'm hoping she gets here before we really have to start discussing induction. I do not want to have labor induced unless absolutely necessary. I'd rather let everything progress naturally, even if that means 3 more weeks of belly pics instead of baby pics.

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