Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out with the ponytails!

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I decided that I needed a new hairdo today. Specifically, I decided that I needed a 'do that would force me to do something beside putting it into a ponytail.

I went to the Paul Mitchell school here in town and told Mary, my stylist for the day, that I wanted something completely different. We discussed what the best things to do with it would be. I decided on having bangs cut (thanks to my brother for the suggestion!) and having a choppy, multi-layered, super-textured 'do. Mary was up for the challenge but a bit hesitant about really chopping up my hair and cutting bangs. With a little encouragement from her learning leader, she did a great job though!

Of course, I'll really see how much I like the style after I deal with it myself, but the good news is that Mary did not have to do a ton of styling to make it look good! She basically dried it, put a little product in it, and flat-ironed a few small pieces. I think I can handle that!