Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I added the kids' name above their beds today.

I had wooden letters for Zoe so I used some sticky tack to hang them.

I made some paper letters to spell Thomas's name. I also cut out some silver stars. I have a big glittery silver star that I got for Christmas last year. I am thinking of hanging it over Tom's bed, too. I also moved the fishing picture to over his bed. He used to have an Incredibles poster over it, but I've taken that down for now. I'll probably move it somewhere else in the room.

Still on the to-do list for their room:

  • Curtains-I want some kind of cute printed pattern or mix of patterns.
  • Getting rid of the toddler bed.
  • Getting a twin bed frame and new mattress for Thomas. This will probably have to wait for awhile, but he doesn't really care.
  • Cleaning out the closet.
  • More artwork for the walls.