Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Eyes!



After Zoe got done with school today, we ran home and had quick snacks and then headed to Jumper's Playhouse. We met our friends Kendra and Allison there. The kids had a great time bouncing for over two hours. They also kept trying to figure out how to get money out of the mamas so they could play some of the games-Air Hockey, Crane Game, PacMan, etc. We weren't persuaded though. Alas, they had to be content with playing on the inflatables.

After we left there we headed to JoZoara to find daddy and then down the sidewalk to  Five Guys to eat dinner together as a family. (Side note: I was very pleased that the guy behind the counter knew how to deal with a gluten free order.) This is our last night together as a family for the rest of the week since Joel has to work for the next four nights. It was really nice to sit down, relax for a few minutes, and enjoy each other's company.

On our walk between JoZoara and Five Guys, I took a few pictures of the kids. Most of them were terrible. The two I'm posting tonight aren't that great, but I like how you can tell how the kids were feeling just by their eyes. Zoe is eager and excited to be photographed. Thomas was  really tired and wouldn't give me a chance to turn the flash off to take another picture after this one.

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  1. It is always a relief when someone in a restaurant knows how to deal with special diets. I tend to just talk with the executive chefs.

    Great pics of the kiddos!!