Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zoe and her Artwork

Today has been a bit of a negative day for Zoe and me. This sweet photo of her was from a couple of days ago, not today. Today she was acting more like Veruca Salt. "NOW! I want it NOW!" To which my response was a resounding, "No!"

Anyway, moving away from the negativity, the rest of this blog post will be focused on Zoe's artwork which is a very positive thing!

Color patterns
These are Zoe's color patterns. I'm impressed with the color combinations she used. Maybe one day she'll design self-striping sock yarn.

For Mama

Zoe told me this is a trophy in a box with a balloon. It's kind of odd, but I really like it, especially since she made it for me.

Seven Family

This is one of two pictures Zoe drew for Thomas that was inspired by They Might Be Giants' Seven. It is a family of Sevens. The Mommy (purple) and Daddy (black) are talking while one sister has roped the other sister.

Sick Seven and family

This, obviously, is the other Seven inspired picture. The Big Sister is helping the Little Brother up the stairs to go visit the sick Seven in the bed. The Big Sister won't go up because she's afraid of the ramp.

Bedroom Tent Plans

This is a drawing of Zoe's plans to make a tent in her room. On the left is a chair with Zoe sitting in it and Lamby underneath it. On the right is Zoe's bed. Notice the artwork over the bed. Between the chair and the bed is a blanket to make the tent. Underneath the tent blanket is the kitchen in the tent.

Dear Mom...

Zoe did this all by herself. She didn't even ask how to spell anything. The symbols under the writing are for the song "He Is Able" which I am sure she learned in school. The spiral means to sing it over and over again. The rest is (according to Zoe): "He is Able; He heals the brokenheart; He sets the captain* free."

*It's actually "captive" in the song. "Captain" is Zoe's version.

Thomas at the front door

This is our front door. Thomas had to be in the photo. As you can see, it's covered in magnets and homemade coloring pages, all colored by Zoe.

Even though I know my readers may not be as interested in Zoe's artwork as I am, I wanted to write down the descriptions of her art. The conversations about her art were the best part of the day. =)


  1. I like her version of the song better. =D

    And yes, she should design self-stripies so that I may knit them all! She has a very strong color sense. Fabulous drawing ability as well.