Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cleaning Update

I haven't updated on the cleaning progress in a few days.

Bathrooms: Scrubbed down one tub, still need to do the other. Toilets have been scrubbed. Sinks and counter have been cleaned.

The Rest: Went to church Sunday morning, RESTed Sunday afternoon, and went to the Extreme Makeover viewing party Sunday night. The REST was the take-a-break kind.

Kitchen: Made significant progress in taming the kitchen including sorting some of the recycling that's been cluttering our pantry and hand washing the china teacups that I'd neglected for far too long.

Laundry Monster: The beast has been semi-tamed. I'm to the point where I've started using my schedule and am only a little behind on folding.

Today I'm tackling the dining room. I've got two horizontal surfaces-the table and the kids' art desk-that I intend to declutter.

My dear blog readers (I really need a better name to use for you. Suggestions?), if you manage to declutter an area in your house, car, or life this week, will you share it with me, please? Either leave a comment or write about it in your blog. Your stories would be an encouragement to me.


  1. You could call us your "blog rats" since you are Experimental Katie! :)

  2. I'm working on laundry after being gone for a while. I have only a baby washer. We don't have a lot of horizontal surfaces besides the floor, so I tend to put it all on the bed -- this forces me to take care of it right away so that I can get some sleep! I also plan on finishing switching out clothes today -- this will help to declutter Chris and my room, as having three seasons of clothes out at once is a bit much for me. It is finally going to be cool enough that I'm okay putting the warm weather clothes away.

  3. "Blog rats" heh. I like that.

    Good job on all of the cleaning. It's been a big backslide this week around here. Too much sick. Bleh. I'm semi on the mend though. So hopefully things will improve shortly.