Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1: Kitchen

Yesterday was the start of my attempt to get my apartment into some semblance of order. Well, I've actually been attempting to do this for quite some time, but this time I'm determined to blog about the process so I have some sort of accountability.

Mondays are kitchen days. My something in the kitchen was to tackle the bar area which is above the kitchen sink and faces into the entry hallway. It is such an easy place to dump things, and oh boy had we! Well, I bribed the kids with some Halloween candy, and we worked together to find proper homes for the things that had been living on the bar counter.

(Yes, I'm the mean mommy who takes all of the candy away from her kids at the end of trick-or-treating.)

Even though the rest of the place still looks terrible, it is encouraging to see one place cleared of junk. Bonus: the one clear place is one of the most visible places in the house.

Today is Dining Room Day. I plan to tackle the dining room table. It's pretty scary.


  1. Sounds great. :) I'm still working out where to start. Today was mostly just "pile of laundry day". I'm having one of those days where I find myself wondering why the heck I think I can do laundry for a family of six! Thank goodness the dogs don't wear cloths.

    Good luck with your dining room!

  2. Thanks!

    I understand about the laundry. Right now my whole couch is covered in laundry-half folded and half not. It's a mess. Plus, I've got a ton that needs washed. Ugh.