Wednesday, December 15, 2010


On Monday  I got out the food dye gels to mix with a little water so Zoe could paint with them. I mixed up quite a bit so there was some leftover so yesterday I decided to get out some of my white kitchen cotton and dye it with the leftover dye. Above is what it looked like at first. I did add some additional dye to it.

After playing with the cotton for quite awhile (more dye, vinegar, and hot water added) and leaving it overnight, I didn't love the color. Joel said that at first glance he thought it was ground beef. This morning I put it on the stove with some water and yellow dye and boiled the whole mess.

And here are the results! The yellow brightened everything up from the beef color of yesterday. I'm going to call it "Monkey-brains" which is what I always offer to make my kids for dinner. For some reason, they always decline this offer.

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