Saturday, December 18, 2010

New WIP: Burberry Redesign

I cast on Julianne Smith's Burberry Inspired Cowl yesterday. I started by casting-on the 58 stitches the pattern calls for. However, it just looked way too wide so I decided to redesign the pattern. My version is 42 stitches and the pattern repeats every 22 rows instead of 30 rows. 

Burberry Redesign WIP
This is how far I'd gotten last night: 30 rows which is just over one pattern repeat. The purple yarn at the bottom is where I provisionally cast-on. This is my first time to try a provisional cast-on. I hope I did it correctly.

Morning WIP
This is how far I've gotten this morning: 2 full pattern repeats. The color differences between last night's photo and this morning's photo are due to lighting. I opened the window this morning to shed a little light on the subject. Last night, of course, I was just relying on room lighting. In person, the color looks somewhere between the two.  In the next update I'll try to get outside so I can get a better representation.

This is also my first time to try cabling. Again, I hope I'm doing it correctly. Even if I'm not, I think it's looking ok.