Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowflake Moment

Snowflake Moment
Right now it is spitting snow outside. It's the perfect kind of snow: pretty white stuff dancing in the air that mostly disappears when it hits the ground. I do like a nice ground cover of snow, but when that happens in Middle Tennessee, people tend to have wrecks. Because of that, I'll take the snow in the air only and be happy.

Stolen Moments: Take 2
This is my second attempt at Stolen Moments. I think it's coming along nicely this time. It should look even better once it is finished, off the needles, and blocked. Let's just hope that Thomas does not get into my knitting again.

NY Scarf WIP
This is the NY scarf that I started about a week ago. It's a little over half done. I know that it looks all curled up right now, but I should be able to correct that in blocking it. I work on this scarf when I'm needing something relaxing and pull out Stolen Moments when I want a tiny bit more of a challenge. (Stolen Moments isn't that difficult, but it does require a little more concentration.)

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