Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Crazy Month

February has been a crazy month. I started the month with a couple of appointments for a research study at Vanderbilt. Yay for being studied! Then I painted the castle backdrop for the Fairytale Ball. In the middle of all of that was Thomas's 4th birthday. He had an Angry Birds themed-party.

On the day of his birthday party (the 11th), Thomas started spiking a fever. At first I thought it was due to his shots he'd gotten at his well-child check the day before, but that wasn't the case. He had managed to pick up a virus. It took him most of the week to get over that. I was supposed to make some tissue paper flowers with the kindergartners on the 13th to use as decorations for the Fairytale Ball, but I had to cancel that because I couldn't take Thomas to the school. 

The 14th was the Fairytale Ball, Valentine's Day, and my birthday. It also was the day we found out that my Grandma L. was really sick. She'd been in and out of the hospital with some respiratory illnesses, but that day she had to be readmitted and crashed. They did not think she'd make it through the night. My mom and I spent the evening looking at plane tickets to Seattle where Grandma lives. Grandma ended up making it through the night, and my mom and her siblings all ended up making it to Seattle to see her which is pretty amazing considering she both wasn't supposed to make it through the night and also my uncle was deployed for the navy and out on the ship when he got the news. Thank you to everyone who saw my message on Facebook and thought and prayed for her. 

Right now my mom is still in Seattle. Grandma has recovered from some of the things, but her heart and lungs are not recovering. The doctors have decided that there is not much they can do but keep her comfortable so she has been moved to hospice. The kids and I have gotten to talk to grandma a few times, and yesterday she actually was able to respond. I am very grateful for that, and I am even more grateful for the fact that Grandma was here in October, and we had a really nice visit with her. I even took her over to Zoe's school to have lunch.

The weekend after V-Day, my sis, the kids, and I went to my cousin Brandi's house in Knoxville (about 3 hours from where I live) to celebrate two of her daughters' birthdays. Izzy is my birthday buddy (born on the 14th) and turned 5; Gracie's birthday is at the end of January. She turned 3. We had a great time but did miss having my mom, Aunt Sharon (Brandi's mom), and Lyndsi there. They were all up in Seattle with Grandma. Also, while we were in Knoxville, the kids and I were able to have dinner with one of my best friends and her family.

Other than that, I hit third trimester this month. I'm 29 weeks today. We picked out a name for Baby Girl. I'll announce it on social media later, but if I talk to you in person or via a one-to-one chat, I'll probably tell you. ;) I also have started being more diligent with trying to get the apartment straightened up. I decided to try another new system that I can hopefully keep up even after Baby arrives. I'm trying to do a bit of something every day.

29 weeks

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