Monday, April 2, 2012

Thyme to Clean

This week I am pretending to nest. I have never actually nested while pregnant and don't expect to this time so I am forcing myself to be productive so I can get things in order before Baby Girl arrives.  I am taking a break from my computer and am not checking Facebook, playing games, or doing much online stuff from my phone. I am checking my email, text messages, and doing a quick blog post here and there though.

Today I am starting the day by making some fresh herbed vinegar solution for cleaning. All I do is take a mason jar, stuff it full of fresh herbs, and then fill to the brim with vinegar. I let it sit for a day or more and then strain it into a spray bottle. It definitely makes the vinegar smell nicer. Today I used lemon thyme and lemon balm, both of which smell amazing!  Since most commercial cleaning products trigger migraines, it is nice to me able to have a simple homemade solution that works well. Vinegar also pairs well with Dawn and with baking soda for tougher messes or you can dilute it with water for a more mild solution.

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  1. I will have to try this! John hates the smell of vinegar but I would like to use more natural cleansers. Thanks for the directions!