Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 months to go

Baby Girl's due date is officially less than 2 months away now. I'm really hoping she will make her debut close to her due date (May 13) and not wait until way after that. Joel gets done with school mid-May but then starts his clinical rotations starting in June. It would be nice to have him around during Baby Girl's first couple of weeks. Plus, I have some stuff I'd love to do in June (VBS and family reunion) that won't really be possible if she decides to wait until the end of May to come. We'll see though! I'd rather her come when she's supposed to come rather than artificially inducing labor. 

Other news from the family:

Zoe has been working on a leprechaun trap project for school. Joel helped her design it. They based it on a bird trap. Here is Zoe explaining it:

I'm glad they made the video because the trap fell apart when Zoe took it to school. I had to help her rebuild it. We used a box instead of the stick structure, but the basic mechanism were the same.

Thomas has been reading a ton lately. Eventually I will not be amazed that the kid is reading, but right now I am. This was not a matter of me pushing him to do this. All I've really done is read with him. He just has picked up on it, mostly on his own.

Joel and I have been crazy with searching for cars to replace my Elantra. Besides a few days where insurance provided a rental car (not nearly long enough!), I've been stuck without a car since the accident. It looks like we probably have found something. As long as it checks out mechanically, we'll pick up our new-to-us vehicle tomorrow.

Also, due to the accident, I've been really sore. I had neck pain right away and then the neck pain seems to have triggered a muscle spasm in my back that causes pain all up and down my side. It's not fun, but I'm not sure what to do about it. Being pregnant definitely limits my options.

I guess that is all for updates right now. Spring break is starting in one more day. Hopefully I'll have some updates on getting my house organized along with some art projects I want to do over the break.

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  1. I would look into a chiropractor Katie. For the neck stuff and normally they work with pregnant people. I don't know what I would have done without one while I was pregnant.

    Hope you got the car. Everything looks great!