Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

Welcome to 2013! Like we did at the beginning of 2012, the Daniel family is already anticipating exciting things for the year ahead.

Like last year, the first half of the year will be spent actively waiting. Last year we were waiting for the birth of Rosanna. This year we are waiting for Joel to graduate in May and find either a residency or job. He has already started the process of applying for residencies and jobs. Some of them are here in Middle TN while others are out of the area. Not knowing where our family will be in six months can be stressful, but for now there is nothing I can really do but wait and trust that all will be okay. Oh, and I can read over Joel's letters of intent to make sure what is he says makes sense.

I have a bunch of goals running through my head for the year ahead. For now I am only going to set one goal which is to paint thirteen paintings in 2013. I had a few opportunities to paint in 2012, and doing so made me feel more centered and less crazy. This year I want to intentionally make time to paint about once a month.

Here is what I painted in 2012:

This was what I was working on in my late night painting session-a Christmas gift for my parents.

Castle: Day 4 ... Finished!

Shuttle painting

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  1. Hope you are able to make time for your painting. They are lovely!