Monday, February 25, 2013

How I Love and Shock You

Happy  birthday, Thomas! #wholehand #fiveYesterday Thomas (who just turned 5 years old on Feb. 8) announced that he wanted to become a rock star. He proceeded to write a song and practice singing it. Now he just needs some musicians to play some instruments for his music video. He would really like 4 people to play the trumpet, 4 people to play the recorder, and 4 people to play the cymbals. If you'd like to audition, let me know.

Honestly, the lyrics Thomas wrote for his song are pretty cool. They could be the start to an amazing song. I know I'm biased since I'm his mom, but really... He came up with this all by himself.
Corrected translation #goodbyeIS #loveandshockyou #Songbyapreschooler

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