Saturday, July 31, 2010

Washington Photo Blog: The End!

Yesterday we made it home. We got to the car rental place around 9:30pm on Thursday since our plane was due to leave at 11:45pm. It didn't end up leaving until 12:30am. We changed planes in Milwaukee and made it into Nashville a little after 9am. I was exhausted yesterday since I only catnapped on the plane.

I finally got photos uploaded from the last several days. Here's a quick rundown. Enjoy!

DSC08492 DSC08495

On Friday, July 23, we had dinner with my maternal grandparents and great-uncle and great-aunt.

DSC08519 DSC08522 DSC08524

Saturday, July 24, we went to Mt. Rainier with my paternal grandparents. I already blogged about going, but my Nikon camera died while I was there so here are a few of the photos I took with my little camera.

DSC08539 DSC08543 DSC08533

On Monday, we went to my uncle's fire station. I wish I would have gotten some photos of my uncle in his gear. He showed them what he looks like in his gear so they won't be scared if they are ever in an emergency situation where they need to be rescued by a firefighter.

DSC08562 DSC08551 DSC08567

We also went to my paternal grandparents' house where the kids got to go canoeing. Zoe went first. Thomas was upset that Zoe, Mimi, and Ee-pa went without him so he started rubbing sand on his face.

DSC08571 Ee-pa talks to Thomas.

On Tuesday, my cousins came into town. This was my first time to meet Caitlin and Nick! 

Space Needle Traffic jam Thomas and the City "I am Seattle" Group shot on the needle!

On Wednesday we went to Seattle Center with my cousins. We rode on the Monorail which comes in right next to the Space Needle. The kids got to ride on the Fun Forest rides. Then we went up in the Space Needle to the observation deck. I had to get a photo of the "I Am Seattle" patch on the security guard's shirt. It reminded me of "We Are Nashville"

I wish I would have had my good camera to take more photos. Like I mentioned earlier, its battery died while we were at Rainier and I wasn't able to charge it since I couldn't find my charger before I left. I'm sure it is in some of my unpacked stuff from the move. I used the little camera the rest of the time, but it ran out of memory space. 

Thursday before we left, my uncle came into town. He's Caitlin, Taylor, and Nick's dad. I was glad to see him, too, since I had not seen him in years! I did get some photos using my aunt's camera, but she has not sent them to me yet.

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