Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Projects update

Earlier in the month I blogged about September knit/crochet goals. I really haven't been doing great with getting those specific goals done. However, I thought I'd share some photos on what I have accomplished.

Purple Cap
First on the list is to knit a baby hat. I was going to do this for Mornings With Brant's Knit, Pray, Love project. Originally they said items had to be knitted but have since changed to allowing crocheted items so I think this crocheted hat will count for that. I'm planning on making more!

Next on the list was to crochet a bunny for Arsha. Here's the yarn. Now I need inspiration...

I also haven't gotten to work on the monkey for Caitlin.

Granny Square Blanket WIP

This is the WIP baby blanket for Heather. I've made progress but haven't finished.

Pink Baby Hat

Here's the hat for Brandi's baby-on-the-way. It still needs a flower or some kind of embellishment, and I'd like to make booties to match.

Flower scarf WIP
This is the start of the flower scarf. I haven't progressed any since my original post.

Where's Waldo Baby Cap
I've also made a Where's Waldo? baby cap that I think will go to Kelly.

Knitting Practice Bunny
I've learned to knit. This bunny is made out of my practice knitting.

1-2-3-4 scarf with LaLoo flower
I've also made my first knitted scarf for myself. It's embellished with a LaLoo Designs flower accessory. (My sis is the brains and hands behind LaLoo designs.)

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  1. I like the scarf! I like the flower scarf idea as well! I'm going to figure out how to do some fun crochet stuff like this soon. I've finally learned to do two color knitting, but that's as far as I've gone in the knitting foray.