Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bag Boots

Got you!
When you live in place that doesn't often see significant snow accumulation, it seems silly to buy snow boots, especially for the kids who may very well outgrow them before they ever wear them. So when you get enough snow to warrant going out to play in it, you make bag boots! (My mom did this for us when we were little.) You take plastic grocery bags and put them over everyone's shoes. It can get a little slippery, but we weren't going out for very long. (If you're going out for longer and don't mind getting your shoes wet, put the bags over your socks before you put your shoes on. That'll at least keep your feet dry.)

Gathering snowBig Ball
The kids had a blast out in the snow.

Throwing snow is FUN!

Daddy got in on the snowball fight, too.

Uh oh.
I had fun taking photos, only showing up in the photos via my sleeve that was pulled over my hands. Oops.

Ha! Ha! Got you!
I tried to get them both to make snow angels at the same time before we went inside. Thomas had a better idea.

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