Monday, January 23, 2012

Bump! 24 weeks

Bump! 24 weeks

I'm 24 weeks into this pregnancy now. I've been feeling pretty much okay during the second trimester which is much better than I did first trimester. I do miss being able to take NSAIDs (i.e. ibuprofen, naproxen) because I still am getting headaches sometimes. I'm noticing that I'm getting them mostly when we have a major weather front moves through the area though so they tend to go away once the front has passed. It's much more bearable than during my pregnancy with Thomas where they were never-ending.

I also missed NSAIDs this past week because I spent 2 days at my daughter's school painting a display board for the book fair which is being held this week. I didn't realize how much I was squatting until I got home. Then I was in some major pain. I'm starting to get over it now, and it was all worth it. I'm really pleased with how the display board looks. (Just to clarify: I did not draw the design, nor did I paint all of it. I, did, however do most of the painting on the shuttle part of it.)

In other news, Baby has been kicking a ton! She has a fairly regular pattern of kicking so I usually know when to expect it. She doesn't seem to be as crazy of a kicker as Zoe. (People would comment on how much Zoe moved just from watching my belly.) She is more more noticeably active than Thomas though. (He kicked towards my bladder and cervix often, but Joel rarely was able to even feel him.) She often kicks for her daddy around bedtime. She doesn't seem to like the storms we've had lately. She moves a ton when they are going on, during a time when she is not normally that active.

I go to the midwife again this week. I have a feeling it will be another quick one.  The last one was less than 15 minutes from walking the door to walking back out. It wasn't rushed. Everything was just so routine that it didn't take long.

**Please excuse the not-so-great photo. It was taken in the house with no natural lighting with my phone-not exactly quality conditions. I'm also no wearing any makeup, but that is normal. I very rarely do.

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  1. You look great! Glad to hear that everything is going so normally that appts aren't taking long. However, with number 3 your body probably is saying, "Oh yeah, I remember how this is done."